Holistic LUXSA Spa @ Hansar Samui
A Sanctuary for the Senses


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LUXSA comes from the Sanskrit language and translates as “Healing – health through water”. This philosophy together with the ancient Thai healing methods based on the four body elements of earth, water, air and fire, forms the basis of the concept at LUXSA Spa. LUXSA Spa offers a sanctuary for the senses, as well as a memorable and enjoyable experience.



The Four Body elements

Earth, water, air, and fire – are regarded as the foundation of the whole body in Thai medicine and healing. The constant interaction of the four elements, according to Thai herbalism, gives rise to the processes of the human body and is the impetus behind physical life. It is of vital importance, therefore, to keep the four elements balanced throughout life. During the normal course of one’s life, the elements go in and out of balance in a continuously changing state of health or disease. How are the elements manifesting in your body?


Earth Element

Substances that are solid can be said to have the qualities of the earth element. Solid qualities of the body that are of the earth element include skin, muscle, tendon, bone, viscera, fat, and other solid organs. Imbalance of the earth element would manifest as symptoms of the organs associated with the Earth element. Some examples would be: skin disease, bone disease, tumors, and other “solid” disorders.


Water Element

Substances that are liquid are of the water element. Liquid qualities of the body that are of the water element include blood, eyes, phlegm, saliva, lymph, urine, semen, and other liquids of the body. Imbalances of the water element would manifest as symptoms of the organs associated with the water element such as blood disease, eye disorders, renal disease, bladder or urinary tract infection or stones, and any diseases manifesting in abnormal urine or other liquid discharge.


Air Element

Substances that have movement are of the air element. Moving qualities of the body include respiration, digestion, excretion, motion of the limbs and joints, sexuality, aging. Imbalance of the air element would manifest as symptoms of the organs associated with the air element such as pneumonia, cough, mucous congestion, tuberculosis, bronchitis, other respiratory infections, fainting, dizziness, and arthritis. The air element is considered to be the most important element in promoting mobility, strength, longevity, and vigor.


Fire Element

Substances that have heat are of the fire element. Warm/hot qualities of the body include body temperature, circulatory system, and metabolism. Imbalance of the fire element primarily manifests as diseases of the fire element organs, the heart and circulatory system.



An array of holistic treatments are available at LUXSA Spa, including soothing aromatherapy with pure Thai essential oils, spices and aromas; traditional Thai massage, body wraps, such as Detoxifying Wrap; massages; and facials using the pure Thai products.



LUXSA Spa’s signature treatments are the LUXSA Massage, the Eastern Blend Massage, the Balancing Energy Package and Pamper Your Partner Massage



LUXSA Spa comprises six treatment suites, including four spacious double Spa Suites, two Thai Massage Suites as well as a dedicated treatment area for manicures and pedicures. Three outdoor salas in the resort’s tropical landscape and are ideal for massage are ideal for foot massage and relaxation terraces.



LUXA Spa’s visiting Master-in-Residence programme invites therapeutic experts to instruct or train guests on particular lifestyle enhancing fields, providing guests with the chance to improve or learn new skills with like-minded people.


The professionals’ expertise includes a range of areas including yoga, photography and art. The spa also provides guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of ‘schools of therapy’. Specialties include meditation, Tai chi, Eastern healing wisdoms and spiritual teachings, all conducted in a tranquil beach setting.



LUXSA Spa provides a light and healthy menu, with a focus on fresh, organic ingredients to complement all treatments.



Two three-night hotel packages are available with treatments at LUXSA Spa including the ‘Intimate experience’ with a hands-on ‘Pamper your Partner’ massage lesson for couples and the ‘Revitalise experience’ which offers a salubrious Stimulator Massage and organic lunch or dinner at the spa. Both packages for two persons include accommodation, breakfast and complimentary airport transfers.